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Do you:

  • Love hands-on learning?
  • Want to use your time at school to do study that will help you get into a job that you love, faster?
  • Want to earn money while you study?
  • Think leaving school with a qualification is a great option?
  • Dream of being your own boss?

If you answered yes to any one of these, an apprenticeship could be a great option for you. 

There are so many great things to choose from to help fuel your passion (if you know what it is already) or find it (if you are still searching).

The courses fit in with school, and you’ll be able to join the workforce sooner because of the great skills you’ll have by the time you finish grade 12.

This option is called SATs which stands for ‘school-based apprenticeships and traineeships’, and allows high school students, generally in Years 10, 11 or 12, to work towards a recognised qualification.

And we know that right now, in your area it might be tough to find an employer taking on new apprentices, but that’s no reason to give up. You can get a head start on your training by enrolling in a relevant training course that can count towards your apprenticeship later, and you can use this time to do your research and your thinking on the industries and employers you really want to work for – even try volunteering or work experience opportunities to see if it’s a good fit for you. Your guidance officer or careers counsellor can help.

“An apprenticeship can lead straight from school into a full-time job”.

Financial support

There is financial support available. Here’s more info about getting paid. 

Sound good?

If this sounds good, you can get more info from your school guidance officer, year level coordinator, teachers, or your friends and family.

Local training providers hold information sessions too, so if you’re keen, you can go along to see if it’s the right fit.

Interested in a school-based apprenticeship?