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Failing doesn’t reflect on you as a person. A fail on an assignment or subject is just a grade, it does not make you a failure.

#1. You’re learning

Failing sucks, but everyone’s been there at some point, it’s just part of the process. Sometimes you have to find out what doesn’t work in order to know what does, and it might take a hundred goes where you find what doesn’t work – before you get it. No one knows it all, you’re still getting there.

#2. You can get feedback

It’s not all bad. If you stuff up, you can ask where you went wrong. Knowing what the problem is means you can do it differently next time. Tests aren’t a trick, they are to check you’re on the right track, so if you get a bad mark, make sure you check in with your teacher (or support staff) and talk about it.

#3. Big picture, that’s only one thing in your life

It’s just one thing. You are no one subject, you are not your grades and these things do not define you. Who you are is much more complex than that. It doesn’t mean give up on that area entirely, but just keep it in perspective. Reminding yourself what’s going well in your life and what you’re good at can give you the perspective and motivation to try again, or try a new approach.

#4. There are always options

It’s not the end of the line, you have options. Learn more and try again, or change your tactics – and if you can’t think of where to start, just ask for help. As long as you’re still trying, there are always options available.

#5. You’re not letting anyone down

You haven’t failed anyone. Remember that you’re learning, no one expects you to have all the answers right now. You’re growing as a person and also learning how to take setbacks and disappointment. Right now it’s all about getting feedback, giving it a go, learning more, and asking questions. Come to think of it, that still happens as an adult too. It’s never too late to ask for help, and you can ask time and time again until you find the answers you need.

Remember, you are no one subject or ranking.

Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is a part of success