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Boosting your resilience

three teenage boys sit down on a tennis court

Let’s be real – you’re going to make some mistakes as you go. So, how do you get back up when you get knocked down?

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Should I stay in school or get a job?

table with coffee cup, books, and laptop

Here’s some realities about leaving school early

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I want an education but I don’t like school

teenage girl rests her head on her hands looking bored

Did you know that there are options to help you do education your way?

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Discover how to make your education work for you

We The Differents is a collection of information, tips, ideas and experiences to help you make the most of your education

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Find your success...

Find your Different

Find that thing that is so you, even if no one else gets it. That thing that makes your world light up, or that calms the chaos.
Find your path and make it right for you.

Find your ‘different’ and embrace it.

Let's go

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