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How doing VET while in school can increase your options!

Students can learn hands-on, workplace skills for a bunch of occupations through studying VET courses.

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Starting high school? Here are your options for the next few years

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The good news is, while everyone needs an education, that doesn’t have to look the same for everyone, you’ll have choices along the way!

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How to tell what’s worry and what’s anxiety

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Exams, assignments, problems with friends – it can all make us feel pretty worried. So how do we know what are normal feelings of worry, and what might be anxiety?

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Discover how to make your education work for you

We The Differents is a collection of information, tips, ideas and experiences to help you make the most of your education

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Find your success...

Find your Different

Find that thing that is so you, even if no one else gets it. That thing that makes your world light up, or that calms the chaos.
Find your path and make it right for you.

Find your ‘different’ and embrace it.

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