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You can take on the world

Sometimes the universe decides to throw up on your life, and it can feel like everything is going wrong. When things get tough, knowing what makes you happy is a huge super power. Your hobbies, interests, the things that quiet the noise and bring colour back to the world- can make a huge difference if you know how to use them.

Whatever your thing is – drawing, dancing, running, listening to music, gaming, gardening, swimming, surfing, building things – if it makes you feel alive, you can use it to take on the other stuff, turn your day around and get back to what matters.

Here’s a few ideas to help you use your different to make life better

  • Like music? Listen to that song you’re crushing on before you go into class.
  • If you have to choose a topic for an assignment – choose something you’re actually interested in and want to learn about, you’ll end up learning more and it will be a lot more fun.
  • If there’s a link between your interest and what you’re learning – see if you can talk to your teacher about that. Try seeing how close to the truth the historical figures in gaming really are, or find out how you can use math to your advantage in playing sports, turn geography into exploring your dream travel destinations or ask about world politics through a collection of Trump memes… you get the idea, make it relevant to you and get the teacher on board.
  • Feeling stressed out? Go for a run, crank music and dance, let loose on the punching bag, lie in the sun and chill out for a sec, grab a friend and vent.
  • Feeling low and unmotivated? Do your thing! Remember what moves you and make time for that, because when you’re pumped from doing what you love, you can take on the other things.

There are always ups and down in life, and by learning how to deal with this and reach out for support now, you’re building up resilience and learning how to take on other ups and downs later in life.

Knowing who you are, what moves you and what makes you tick will help you navigate life to make sure you’re living it your way and succeeding your way.