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Embrace your different and make your education work for you.

CIRO: Oh, this is a good one. I wish I had…

SAI: What do you do when things go wrong?

JASPER: Success looks like or success is.

SAI: Advice to your younger self.

CIRO: True and false about school.

JASPER: At school I got stressed about.

CIRO: Always, you know, on this grind of next assessment, next assessment, next test, next test.

SAI: Like trust me, I’ve had those thoughts as well. I wanted to drop out as well.

JASPER: How do you feel about that now?

SAI: There isn’t just the one pathway

CIRO: What’s really important right now?

JASPER: I wish I had listened to…

CIRO: That’s a big one! I wish I listened to myself!

SAI: Talk to people at school. Talk to people around you.

CIRO: Once you find your own pathway, you can just go on all the rides you want.