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Let’s be real – things don’t always go as planned. Our recent graduates, Sai, Jasper and Ciro, chat about ways of coping when obstacles come along, including reaching out to your support network, and reframing your thinking to keep moving forward.

When things go wrong

Ciro: I’m an overthinker.

Jasper: Not everything’s going to last forever.

Sai: Remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place.

What do you do when things go wrong.

Ciro: I stress. I cry a little bit. Nah but I’m an overthinker. Yeah. So I think multiple scenarios and when things really go wrong, I stick to my core roots, which is like my family. Unfortunately and fortunately I’m kind of like the boulder in my family. I’m that rock that just keeps on moving. And I keep everyone going. But sometimes when there’s, you know, a bigger rock that stops me. What do I do? I go to my mom, go to my grandmother, and I really just, you know, suss it out and go, what can what can you guys do to help me.

Sai: Yeah. Have that support around you to help you out.

Ciro: A Support network. And there’s so many varieties you can have a professional, personal, you know, and it doesn’t even have to be family, it can be friends, it can be your dog or your cat, you know? You know, for me, it’s like, you know, watching sports. I love watching sports. And for me, just to sit down and just watch people tackle each other. I don’t know. I find this, you know…

Sai: It’s a good outlet.

Ciro: Exactly.

Sai: When things go wrong, remind yourself why you’re doing this in the first place. When it comes to, like, work or school, you know, I think that’s where motivation comes in. And it’s like when I fail at something, like fail a subject or whatever just be like, okay, there’s always next time. That’s what I always told myself in school. Whenever I like failed at something, I was like, There’s always next time. When I used to play rugby, you know, you make the mistakes in training today and then obviously game day, you know, you fix those mistakes and you. Yeah, you do it right. Don’t be stuck in that one, you know, mindset where it’s just like, Oh, I’m going nowhere now, blah, blah, blah. Get yourself out of that and just keep moving forward. That’s what you going to do.

Ciro: I think like that there’s this mist when something goes wrong and you’re like, Yeah, you’re in this tunnel. You know.

Jasper: When things go wrong, I guess you got to remember, not everything’s going to last forever. That temporary bad patch will be over soon. And yeah, it’s not the best feeling when stuff doesn’t go your way, but sometimes you also got to experience that because when things do go your way it feels so much more better. You have a lot more appreciation for when things go your way.

Ciro: And those times when things go wrong, you learn from those experiences, and you go, ‘Hey, look how much better I am now’.

Jasper: Exactly.