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When you’re at school, it’s easy to focus on the things that are happening to you right now. It’s that exam that you’re working yourself up over, or the struggle you feel to make it through the end of the maths class. Our recent graduates, Sai, Jasper and Ciro reflect on their time at school and chat about what they would have done differently looking back with the knowledge that they have now.

I wish I had

Ciro: Oh, this a good one.

Sai: I wish I focused more on Maths.

Jasper: I wish I didn’t take things so seriously.

Ciro: Oh, this is a good one. I wish I had.

Sai: I wish I had $1,000,000.

Ciro: How good’s that. What do you wish you had?

Jasper: I wish I had a new car.

Ciro: New car?

Jasper: What about you?

Ciro: I wish. Alright, so if we’re on the topic of high school and stuff. I wish I did a diploma in high school. With a diploma, it gives kids the stability to venture off after high school. They get a set ATAR if they want to go to uni, they’re allowed to get a job somewhere where they actually want to go.

Jasper: I wish I didn’t take things so seriously. Like, looking back, I was so stressed about externals and stuff that I really enjoy school now that I’m working full time, just realise how good school was. I wish I enjoyed it more. At the end of the day, it does matter. But there’s more to life then high school exams.

Ciro: And I think, like, it’s, you know. Sort of what you said, you know, like, I think coming out of high school, I think one thing they don’t talk about is mental health. Because when you’re in the real world, you know, you don’t have a teacher to cry to.

Sai: That’s the support around you like your friends and all that. Because you’re pretty much on your own. As soon as you leave school. I wish I focused more on maths, to be honest. The apprenticeship that I’m in now, boiler making. It does require a lot of math. And it’s maths that I did learn school, and I wished I put more effort into learning because now I have to, you know, do all the revision. And, you know, it’s just like a lot of effort, but effort that’s worth putting into.

Ciro: So that saying is, I’m never going to use this.

Sai: Yeah, I’m never going to use. So we use our Pythagoras theorem. In our trade. And I think it was grade nine when we started learning, I was like, ‘When am I ever going to use this?’ so that’s all common. It’s like, man, that’s. I regret that.

Ciro:       Myth busted.