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Everybody has moments at school when sitting in class can feel, well, boring. The other challenge with boredom is that it makes it really hard to learn, so we’ve put together six tips to help you concentrate even through those boring-but-necessary subjects.

1. Don’t, whatever you do, keep looking at the clock. There’s nothing worse than checking the time, only to find that just a minute or two passed since the last time you looked. Clock-watching makes classes seem longer, and who wants that?

2. Take notes. Writing things down isn’t just about keeping records, it can help you to pay attention and improve your understanding of the content. There has been studies that prove good note-taking can help you to raise your grades and create good habits for uni, VET, on-the-job training or employment.

3. Get creative with your notes – use coloured pens, highlighters, diagrams. At least this way, when it comes to revision, you can go straight to the most important points without having to relive the whole thing. It also makes the time pass quicker!

4. Draw pictures. Switching on your creative thinking can help you to connect with the materials better, and researchers have found that drawing can help you remember information better than writing notes, even if you’re not exactly Van Gogh.

5. Make a game out of listening. Some subjects might be a struggle to keep entertained, so try counting how many times they say a certain word. At least it will sharpen your listening skills.

6. Ask questions. Not everyone likes speaking up, but it can start a conversation, and when others join in, they sometimes have a perspective that helps you make more sense of the subject. Most things feel less dull when there is more interaction.

Even though everyone has times when they feel a bit bored, if it is something that is happening daily, there could be other reasons for how you’re feeling.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep and staying hydrated, as feeling tired can make anyone less interested in class. If you’re finding school too easy, it might be worth chatting to your teacher about attempting some more challenging work or operating at a faster pace.

If your motivation is still low, it is worth talking to someone. School guidance officers have some great ideas about ways you can get the most out of classes, and rediscover your passion for learning. After all, they want to see you succeed! Having a goal to aim for can help, and of course, don’t forget to reward yourself when you meet milestones along the way.

If there are other things going on in your life that are affecting how you feel at school – Kids Helpline has some great advice, including this article about how stress can make it hard to focus at school.

Visit our support page to find even more resources and people who can help.