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We all have things that we want to achieve in our life. Maybe it’s to run a marathon. Maybe it’s to be the next Gordon Ramsey. Or maybe it’s just to be able to make the most of every day.

The end goal looks great, but when you try to get started…things aren’t so easy. Actually it’s pretty darn challenging.

…Which brings us to the 30 day challenge.

You may be familiar with 30 day challenges – there’s a lot of them (especially at gyms), and for good reason.

It takes roughly 30 days to form a habit, after which it’s easier to maintain your motivation, and your momentum.

To do a 30 day challenge right, it takes just that: 30 days of your time doing something. And we mean doing that thing day in, day out.

Depending on what you challenge yourself to do, you may need to set aside more time per day to really test and grow your abilities. Try to hit a milestone each day, whether that’s pushing yourself an extra 10 minutes, doing an extra lap, or learning a new technique.

Here’s some cool things about setting yourself a 30 day challenge that you’ll benefit from along the way:

  • You’ll tap into a growth mindset which will help frame more positive thinking and expand what you thought was possible for yourself
  • You’ll get more confident by seeing your skills and mindset grow and change in a positive way
  • You’ll become more adventurous as your self-belief grows
  • You’ll become more willing to take on bigger challenges in the future
30 days to form a habit
just keep going

How to get started with a 30 day challenge

Choose something that you want to challenge yourself with. This could be something that you want to add into your life (like new skills), or something you want to improve upon (like your health and exercise). Alternatively, it could be something that you want to remove from your life, like spending too much time gaming or on social media.

• Set a realistic goal for the end of the 30 days. Don’t be disheartened if you’re not cooking a five-course meal like Gordon Ramsay after day 30. It takes time. A more realistic goal might be to cook your family a nice dinner that they’ll be surprised by. Remember, the first 30 days will set the habit, but you’ll likely need to continue on after that to keep improving!

• Find someone to keep you accountable. This is someone who will be on the sidelines urging you to keep going and to not give up. This could be a parent, a sibling, a friend, a teacher or someone else you trust.

• If where you want to be at the end of the 30 days feels like too big a slog, set yourself smaller goals that you can work towards on a weekly basis. By accomplishing these smaller (and easier) goals, you’ll find that you’ll be able to keep your momentum going.

• At the end of the 30 days, take a moment to reflect about where you started, and where you are now. What worked? What things do you still want to improve upon? What new skills have you gained, or what new perspectives do you have? Try writing these down as a record of your awesome progress.

Keep going! You can set yourself another 30 day milestone, or simply keep at it on a more casual timeline that suits you (pro tip: consistency is key, so try to keep to a regular schedule).

Get out there and take on a 30 day challenge! Good luck!

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