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Do you ever get the feeling that when one thing goes wrong it stuffs up your whole day (or even your week?). Sometimes, it even feels like it triggers a whole bunch of bad stuff that piles up on top.

On the flip side, maybe you’ve noticed that when something good happens, it can make your whole day or week, and other good things keep happening.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to find a way to have more of those good weeks?

Guess what – there is a way, and it works by tapping into your growth mindset.


The accomplishment jar

No – we’re not talking about a genie in a jar that grants you good fortune, but the results are still pretty similar.

Things you’ll need:

  • An empty jar/container, some paper and a pen


  • Your phone

What you need to do:

Anytime that you feel like you’ve accomplished something (doesn’t matter how big or small), write it down and put it in the jar or type it into a note on your phone.

This could be:

Bigger stuff

  • Getting a grade that you’re proud of on an assignment or test
  • Getting some praise from a teacher
  • Nailing your learners or P’s on the first go

Smaller stuff

  • Making the decision to exercise every morning, and actually sticking to it
  • Helping your parents without being asked
  • Cleaning your room

You’ll likely find that as you start filling your accomplishment jar, you’ll get a good feeling—an endorphin boost—that gives you the momentum to keep accomplishing things.

At the end of the week, treat yourself, empty the jar and take a look back through your list of accomplishments. This will fill you with a sense of achievement and pride that you can carry with you into the following week. You’ll likely find that that feeling will motivate you to keep accomplishing new things and refilling your jar that week as well.

Sometimes, even when you try to accomplish things, hurdles can come in the way and try to bring you down. That’s normal – it happens to everyone. The important thing is that when you stumble on one of those hurdles, to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. If you can find the strength to do that, that in itself is an accomplishment you can put in your jar!

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