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It’s a fair bet to say that we all want to feel successful in our lives.

One of the best ways to do that – especially when you are young – is to develop a healthy growth mindset.

If you’re not sure what we mean when we say ‘growth mindset’ – keep reading for the lowdown.

If you’re already up to speed with what a growth mindset is – you know that it’s a highly positive way to think and behave – but you may be looking for some ways to build upon it.

We’ve previously talked about the effectiveness of making to-do lists and now we’ve got another great tactic to send your way.

Let’s talk SMART goals.

(They must be good if they have the word ‘smart’ in them right?)

What are SMART goals?

Like we said – we all want to feel successful in our lives, and the way to do that is to set goals for ourselves.

But how do we make sure we follow through and make those goals happen?

By setting SMART goals. Let’s break it down:

Animation showing the characteristics of a smart goal

So how does that look like in action? Start by answering these questions:

Questions to ask to see if your goals are smart

So the next time you feel like a goal isn’t achievable (maybe it’s getting an A in a subject you’re passionate about, but may be having difficulties with), or you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of even getting started – make sure it’s a SMART goal by breaking it down. It’ll help you to make that goal possible.

So give it a go and keep that mind growing!