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Heading into high school is a really exciting time!

You’ve learnt a lot of the basics, and now you get to explore and experience new things that will prepare you for high school and the career that you have later on!

You might feel a bit nervous about making the change from primary to secondary, and that’s normal!

As we grow, we face new challenges and the good thing is that they happen over time, so you’ve got a chance to get comfortable.

You probably have a bunch of things flying through your head that are making you feel unsure, but we’ve got some tips to help with those things. Just take a look below!

What are all these new classes and rooms?

You’ll have different classes and classrooms for different subjects. You’ll likely find that the room has resources that are suited to that subject and will help you learn.

Why do I have so many different teachers?

You’ll have different teachers whose main focus is to teach you that particular subject. You’ll have a teacher for English and a different teacher for Maths.

How will I stay organised?

  • Using a diary so you know what classes, assignments and exams are coming up today, tomorrow, next week etc.
  • Making a to-do list and sticking to it
  • Ordering your to-do list with the most important things first, and least important last.
  • Taking notes
  • Take breaks! Go easy on yourself
  • Don’t leave things to the last minute!

Will I still see my friends a lot?

You’ll still see your friends! You’ll likely have some classes together, and you can always catch up during breaks and before/after school.

If you’re still feeling a bit nervous about heading into high school – that’s okay! Your teachers are aware that all the students in their classes may need some time to settle in with the changes; they’re on your side!

If you feel like you’re struggling as you continue day to day, week by week, you can always reach out to your teachers to let them know how you’re feeling or let your parent or another trusted adult know so they can speak to your teacher for you, or be with you when you’re talking to your teacher.

Good luck, you’re heading towards exciting things!

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