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The problem with alcohol and drugs is that everyone else is doing it, right?

And it can be hard to say no or avoid joining in, right?

Well, actually – no!

While the media might like to show if differently, the truth is that most young people have never tried an illegal drug or drunk alcohol at all, and very few do it regularly.

hands raised in the air with the text '1 in 4 people aged 12 - 17 have drunk alcohol in the past month'

And there’s some simple things we can do to make sure we make healthy and positive choices.

Just don’t be around it

The simplest way to avoid bad choices is not to hang out with people who do.

So, we can just stay away from them when alcohol and drugs are involved.

illustration of a teenage girl ignoring an alcoholic drink being passed to her with the text 'stay away from alcohol and drugs'

Walk away 

If someone offers us drugs or a drink, we can just make an excuse and move away.

Maybe say you want to catch up with a friend, or need to go to the bathroom.

say no to teenage drinking

Or just say ‘no’

There’s plenty of ways to just say ‘no’.

Maybe: ‘No, I’ve got a big assignment due tomorrow’, ‘I’m on a detox’, or ‘I’m working on my abs like Zac Efron’. 

Or simply ‘No, I just don’t want to’.

illustration of teenage girl waving to a friend

Remember: it’s your choice to make, and good friends should respect your choice.