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So we know why finding our different or our purpose matters (and if you don’t, check out the story on What’s the point?).  But how do we find it?  That thing that gives our days purpose, a reason to move forward – or even just the motivation to get out of bed.

For many, their different will come in the form of a hobby…..this could be one of a thousand things.  There are the more obvious – like sport, and music, but these don’t appeal to everyone.  

We don’t even need to be good at it; we just need to enjoy it.

For others, their different may be a future goal they are working towards, and each day or week there’s something small (or big) you do to help achieve this goal. Small things count too – no need to set our world on fire – just brighten it a little. 

Get inspired

These tips might help to get started:

1. What do you love to do?

Simply thinking about what you love to do can get you on the right path.  You also could write down your top 3 favourite things in the world.

2. What bothers you?

Is there something that makes you so unhappy that it bothers you day and night?  It might be animal welfare, childhood poverty, or something else. Maybe volunteering could be your thing?

3. Listen

What nice things do others say about you?  Most people mean what they say – really hear them; do friends say you are funny, musical, or thoughtful?

4. Hang out with positive people

They will pump you up and encourage you to have a go at things instead of dragging you down.  (Time to ditch any toxic friends).

5. What do you talk about most?

Is there a topic you are talking about all the time online? Do you regularly share articles on a certain topic?

6. What are your best memories?

If you don’t feel like starting something new, maybe think back to things you have loved – was it camping, photography, or a festival?

7. Google stuff

Google topics that interest you and see what comes of it.

8. Try stuff

Physically make something – bake or build whatever you feel like, it’s about expressing yourself

9. Ask someone

Whose opinion do you admire – a neighbour? Your best friend? Your granddad? It doesn’t matter who – ask them how they found their reason to get up in the morning

10. What’s your favourite area at school?

Do you have a memory of a favourite project at school? Maybe this is an area you can thrive?

If you need some other ideas  head over here:

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Here are some benefits of trying something new and getting out of your comfort zone.

It can take a while, but clues that we’ve found ‘a thing’ might be that our mood and energy lift, we’ll laugh more, look forward to things, and be confident to handle tough times.

Good luck!

If you don’t know who to talk to or need help