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Thinking about doing an apprenticeship while at school but feeling a bit unsure of what that will look like? We spoke to Jess who’s currently doing an apprenticeship in retail and baking while she’s at school. Hear her thoughts and feelings as well as her advice for others thinking of doing the same!



Doing an apprenticeship while at school – Jess’s story

[Super] Question: Tell us about yourself

Jess: Hey – my name’s Jess, I’m in Year 12 but I’m also doing an apprenticeship in retail and baking.

[Super] Question: Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

Jess: So it was probably around Year 9…I was like, ‘Hmm I wonder if I can get more than just my QCE and ATAR?’

I’d done some work in a bakery, so I started thinking maybe I should try to get an apprenticeship…so yeah, I’m now doing an apprenticeship in retail and baking.

[Super] Question: How’s your apprenticeship journey been alongside school?

Jess: Ahh – look…it’s a bit of work, but at the end of the day, it’s been really rewarding. I was really hating some of my classes back in Year 10…so I spoke with my parents and the school, and I thought I’d have a crack at a Cert 3 in Business at TAFE. It’s all online, so it’s pretty chilled with school which is awesome.

By Year 11, I had the Cert 3 and was moving along with the apprenticeship, but yeah, I guess I just wanted more (haha).

I did a Headstart course in Communication and Thought at USC [University of the Sunshine Coast] which gave me a bit of a head start towards a uni degree which was cool. My writing skills improved heaps which helped with school as well, so that was a win.

[Super] Question: What’s the last year been like?

Jess: At the moment, I do pracs for my apprenticeship and spend Mondays at work. I’ve also gotta do eight weeks of block training in Brisbane throughout the year.

Look I’ll be honest, it’s hard work – but that’s like with anything that’s worth it I guess…I’ve done way more than what I thought I would, so I’m pretty happy.

[Super] Question: How would you summarise your experience?

Jess: I would say rewarding, supportive and self-paced. You also meet awesome people along the way.

[Super] Question: What advice would you give to someone thinking of doing vocational training or training outside of school?

Jess: Go for it! You seriously won’t regret it. There’s no point doing something you don’t want to do, so find what it is you like and give it a go.

Oh, and don’t be scared to ask questions if you need help finding the right course. Talk to your teachers, parents, school, your dog – whoever.