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Has going from primary school to high school made you go, ‘woah…’?

There’s a lot of changes from year 6 to year 7, and it’s okay if you’re feeling worried or a bit lost. 

Nerves are normal when you’re starting out in high school and you’re likely to have some tough days (as well as lots of good ones!). 

To help you out, we’ve looked at some of the common worries about high school and offered our advice.

There’s so many different teachers

You’ve gone from having one teacher to having a whole heap – wondering why?

This is because each teacher is skilled in different subjects. That’s right! They’ve got things they’re passionate about just like you! 

By moving between different teachers and classes, you’re getting the best knowledge from each teacher and learning in different ways that are designed to help you learn best for that subject.

You may find that you don’t get along with all your teachers, but give it some time, they all want to help you do your best.

You don’t feel like you fit in

With all your new classes, there’s more people to get to know. That can feel even harder if you’re starting at a new school. 

The good thing is that you’re getting the chance to meet heaps of people. It will push you out of your comfort zone, but it’ll be worth it! 

Life is all about meeting new people and making new connections. You’ll get the opportunity to work in groups which will help you get to know your classmates which is a big help if you’re feeling nervous about talking to others. 

Don’t feel like you’re fitting in anywhere? Give this article a read. Additionally, if you feel like you’re being picked on, remember that help is available

There’s so much work!

Feel like you’ve got lots more homework than before? Assignments due one after the other with less time? 

Yep – high school is a step up from primary school, but it’s teaching you a lot of things like: 

  • How to be organised
  • How to prioritise tasks 
  • How to manage stress
  • How to plan ahead 

One of the best things to do (although it can feel really hard) is to try to keep a positive attitude. It’ll help you learn things easier and can help when things feel too much.

You should also try to create a quiet space to study. This should be free from distractions; so try to avoid rooms with a TV or radio on. If there’s lots going on inside your house, try finding a quiet spot in your backyard instead if possible. 

We get it though – adjusting to the workload can be full on, so check out these tips for managing school work when you’re just starting out in high school

I’m feeling overwhelmed, I think I need some extra help

That’s okay! There’s lots of ways to get support at school. 

First things first – when things get overwhelming, know that those feelings are okay and that help is available

You can let your parents or another trusted adult know how you’re feeling. If you feel comfortable, we’d suggest talking to your teachers, especially if you’re struggling with your work, they can show you ways to get through it. 

If you feel like you can’t find someone at school to talk to, you can also check out our get support page for a bunch of other ways to reach out and find help. 

Good luck!