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It’s normal to want to feel ‘normal’.

We all want to have that feeling of fitting in; we want to belong and to be liked and accepted by the people around us. We try on different personalities, looks and interests – and that’s all normal.

Trying out new things is part of your journey to finding your own uniqueness – your ‘different’.

The tricky part is that when we experiment, we run the risk of giving up what makes us different – stuff like personality traits, talents and interests – just to feel ‘normal’.

If you haven’t felt the urge to give up part of you to fit in, you’ve probably seen it happen to others:

  • It’s the kid who didn’t used to take drugs, but who slowly let his own values slide because fitting in with the crowd became more important.
  • It’s the kid who gave up on her interests, because she was teased and bullied because of them.
  • It’s the girl who didn’t like to post selfies all over social media, but now it’s her go-to because likes on her photos makes her feel popular and accepted.
If you're always trying to be normal you'll never know how amazing you can be
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Wanting to fit in and be accepted is normal. But here’s some important questions to ask yourself:

  • Each time you try to ‘fit in’, does it make you feel better about yourself?
  • Do you feel more you?
  • Will 35 year old you be proud of the choices you’re making?

If any of your answers were ‘no’, then you probably want to make some changes.

It’s time we gave ourselves the green light to just be ourselves. Our wonderful, quirky, different, talented, opinionated, unique, selves.

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Do what makes you feel stronger, prouder and ready to take on the world!

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Start changing the way you think about fitting in by asking yourself:

  • How would my life change if I stopped trying so hard to fit in and instead asked others to accept me as I am?
  • Is what I see as normal the same as what others around me see as normal? How can I really know for sure?
  • How good would it feel if I embraced all of my differences, and everyone else’s differences?
you are limited edition
embrace your uniqueness

Here’s a challenge!

For the next week, instead of trying to fit in, try being proud of how you stand out.

Having the courage to step away from what most people see as ‘normal’ is the only way to truly find out who you are and embrace your own unique personality, talents and potential.

It’s in our nature to be drawn to people who are confident about who they are. They’ve embraced their different, and made it their ‘normal’.

So go on, go find and embrace your different. What have you got to lose?