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Hiding below the surface of our thoughts of “What is the meaning of high school?”, “Why is school so hard?” and “Why is school so bad?” there is some magic happening.

These types of thoughts are a sure sign that you’re learning some important skills. Some of them are not obvious right now, so just to give you some hope, here’s what could be secretly going on:

  • Tests are annoying – but they are giving us thinking skills which give us power over our thoughts
  • When we do essay drafts, and we receive feedback that we need to do more work, or even worse, go back and start again, we are learning how to persist when things don’t go our way
  • Persistence lets us feel satisfied – it’s like a reward that you can only get through hard work.
  • Growing mentally requires courage, as it opens our minds to new ways of thinking – which feels hard, and can sometimes feel weird
  • When we do group work we have conversations to get our point across and have to negotiate when we don’t agree with what others are saying – we write, speak and question things – we are learning to communicate
  • We are also learning patience and how to listen to different views, and perhaps we are even empathetic – by thinking about things from someone else point of view
  • Subjects like science, art, maths and geography give us skills that can help save the planetwe can develop a global mindset when we now about what’s going on in the world

You’ve got to have a dream before you can work toward living that dream, right?

Education encourages us to think for ourselves so that we can become confident – that our thoughts matter, that we do have talents, that we can do things and that we can live our unique dream.


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