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Chaos is everywhere and the world around us seems to be getting even more chaotic day by day.  Nobody is alone in what they’re thinking or feeling, and no one has all the answers.

So, in a world turned upside down, why not flip your thinking and make education your new escape? (errr, I mean instead of seeing school as a ((Insert your own words here eg…)) a total pain, annoying, you know what I mean!).

Here’s some handy tips for how…

School communities can provide routine, support and a safe place.


Routine is such a, well, ‘routine’ word. But it means so much more.

Routine can mean:

  • consistency
  • predictability
  • safety
  • comfort
  • a place where regular everyday habits are good

Also, it’s time to stop watching the news or reading articles if you’re feeling anxious or restless.  Make it a new routine to tune in to the news for only a few hours. There’s a heap of misinformation and fake news floating around and causing even the most relaxed people to feel unsettled. If you want to stay informed, check reputable sources only.

Find a daily routine to help you deal with teenage stress


  • Talk to friends and teachers about what you are feeling about different events going on and focus on the facts.
  • Ask for help from people in your school community to explain things that are confusing or don’t make sense.

Find a support network to help you deal with teenage stress

A safe place

  • If you feel safe, then you will also feel calmer.
  • Feeling calm can help generate positive thinking, which can help with feelings of anxiety about things that we can’t control.
  • Regardless of where school is (at home temporarily or still at school) use the connections and networks available to you—online is fine.
  • Use the structure that exists around your subjects and study to plan your daily routine and build in other new routines or tasks that add to your ‘educational calm’.

Find a safe place to help you deal with teenage stress

Be flexible

  • Sometimes the Universe sends a sign for a reason. If you have a very clear path and goal, perhaps now is the perfect time to press pause, take a step back and ask yourself these things:
    • does your path and goal need adjusting in light of current circumstances?
    • is there a new path you can take to achieve the same goal?
    • do you need a completely new path and a new goal?
    • would it be a good idea to have a Plan B?

being flexible will help with teenage stress

Can you give some of these ideas a crack?