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There’s so many awesome things about living in a rural area:

  • We’re on country and close to nature…
  • We’re far away from the hustle and bustle of the city…
  • And we’re not surrounded by too many people.
Rainbow lorikeet in tree

But sometimes it can feel like we have a little too much space…

Or that we’re too far from where the real action is…

Or that we’re on our own or don’t have friends at school we can relate to.

Because feeling isolated can make it hard to feel connected to learning.

rural Australian landscape

Yeah, living in a remote area can sometimes feel a bit lonely or isolating.

So here’s some simple things we can do:

Get more involved

Whether it’s a club or sporting team at school, or something in the community, trying something new can help us meet new people, and can be heaps of fun too.
Keep an open mind, and try a few new things until you find one that’s right for you.

soccer ball with aboriginal art

Get more social

Okay, we’ve all got our main friends.
But if we try talking to a few different people at school from time to time, sometimes we can find a whole new group of people we might have something in common with.

legs and shoes hanging over a wall
Get chatting

There are many ways to get connected with others, including online. Start by letting your teacher know how you’re feeling, they may be able to help organise a pen pal for you with another student that’s a similar age at a different school.

fingers typing on a computer keyboard with aboriginal art

Other ways to get chatting with others include joining groups and forums online. If you’re thinking of doing this, always make sure the person you are talking to is a genuine person (who are who they say they are), and make sure that you never hand over any personal details that could put you at risk (learn more about how to stay safe online).


Design Credits: Rachael Sarra

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