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Having friends at school is one of the best ways to make each school day one to look forward to.

Whether you’re starting at a new school or simply looking to make new friends, it can be exciting, but also pretty darn scary as well.

But don’t worry! You’re not alone with those feelings, and we’ve got some tips to help with making friends and fitting in at school.

But first…

Things you should know about friendship

Friends can help shape who you are, but only you have the power to choose who you want to be.

Yep – you don’t just have to ‘fit in’. Because fitting in means changing who you are to blend in with those around you.

Everyone has something that makes them different, and if that means standing out, that’s awesome; let that light shine! Be confident about that thing and you’ll find that others around you will accept you for who you are – that’s called belonging (and it’s a way better option). So start with liking yourself, and you’ll find others will come to like that about you.

Tips for making friends

Now that you know what goes into a good friendship, you’re ready to start taking action.

  • Focus on the stuff you have in common
  • Look and feel positive by smiling, keeping eye contact and speaking confidently
  • Time to try something new? Talk to someone different or try a new hobby to meet other people
  • Listen and let others talk
  • Be kind and break the ice with a compliment
  • Make them laugh! It’s good to keep things light and fun
  • Be interested by asking questions and seeing if there’s things you have in common
  • Think back to the friends you made in the past, what worked then? Try doing that again!

Having trouble making friends?

If you’re finding you’re still having trouble making friends, that’s okay! It takes time but keep trying! Reach out if you’re feeling like you’re struggling or are changing yourself in a way that feels uncomfortable just to fit in.

Take a look over at our support page for a bunch of helpful resources that can help put your mind at ease!

If you're struggling and don't know where to start...