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Holly shares her secrets on how she got on top of boredom at school.

“I know I am not the only one to feel bored at school,” says Holly.

“It feels so frustrating so, I created ways to help me through the day:

  • Make a game out of listening – I pick a word and count how many times the teacher says it
  • Make notes nice-looking – I use textas and coloured pens to write down notes – it’s fun making the notes and easier to look at them again for revision
  • Draw – I listen out for things to draw in my notes – I feel like it makes me concentrate more!
  • Take notes – I started listening for the main points to write down and I reckon it makes me pay attention when I get distracted in class – I make side notes in my school journal every time I get a thought that distracts me so that I can look at them later
  • Ask questions – I don’t like talking up in class, but it makes me understand things better because questions usually start a conversation and other kids jump in and say stuff that makes sense
  • Try not to look at the time – it makes the classes seem longer ?

I find it hard to understand maths concepts, so I asked my maths teacher if she could please give me some practical examples – and she did!

My art teacher is easy to talk to when we are sitting at the benches doing our art, and she always asks how things are going. So one day I told her I was feeling really unmotivated. She told me how good I could be if I just keep going and don’t give up. She always checks in with me now – I do a bit of art after school too, and it’s easy to chat to her then also.

She said to go see our school guidance officer as he is really good at helping work out what people’s passions are and then how to get into some other things at school based on those passions.

Another good idea is to think of stuff to look forward to at school and after school – my friends are at school, and I can’t wait to see them every day. I also look forward to seeing my dog when I get home, and I also really look forward to the weekends.

I reward myself by thinking of things I might feel like doing on the weekend, and then I go and do them!”

Holly’s boredom busters

  • Think of ways to help get the most out of classes
  • Ask your teacher for practical examples
  • Get support from a trusted adult to help you feel motivated
  • Discover ways school could help you develop the things you are really passionate about
  • Look forward to things
  • Reward yourself