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Let’s be real. COVID-19 has made the idea of getting a job seem more and more tricky. When there’s not much to look forward to at the end of school, dropping out can feel tempting. If you’re feeling that way, just know things may not be as bad as you think.

What does employment look like during COVID-19?

The good news is that unemployment is improving for young people.

But what if things get worse? It’s hard to know what the future holds, but we are confident about one thing…

The more education you have, the better your chances are of getting a job.

Here’s the stats (ABS, 2016c):

  • 80% of those with a Bachelor degree or above are employed
  • 75% of those with an Advanced Diploma or Diploma are employed
  • 67% of those who finished year 12 are employed
  • 44% of those who finished year 11 or below are employed

Maximising your education is a solid way of keeping the doors open to as many opportunities as possible, even when pandemics get in the way.

Tools to help you gain employment

There are many websites to help young people find work. The careers page is a great place to start. Choose your age range to find options suited to you.

What about regional and remote job opportunities?

The Community Development Program can help you improve your workplace skills and employability with training tailored to the workforce needs of your area.

Additionally, TAFE Queensland has a number of regional training programs to diversify and build employability skills.

You may also find the job and work experience suggestions by the QLD Farmers Federation to be a helpful starting point.

Infographic explaining that the more education you have the higher your chances of being employed are.

Time to broaden your horizons

If you’re feeling like your path ahead has gotten a bit murky, find a different path. You may find careers and experiences you never considered.

There’s a whole heap of short-term/part-time jobs to try out. If you enjoy the work, you can even do a short course at TAFE or another training provider to get a taste of whether it might suit you in the longer term.

Enjoy working at a cafe? Why not give a barista course a go? Interested in working with kids? Try finding work at a childcare or in an early childhood setting. If you like how it feels, you could consider a Cert III in early childhood.

If you’re stuck for where to start looking for jobs, take a look on SEEK, Indeed or the Queensland Government’s Job Search for entry level jobs. You don’t have to start applying, just see what’s out there.

Still unsure?

If you’re still feeling a bit uncertain or deflated about your employment opportunities after school, that’s okay. Try speaking with a teacher, guidance officer or your year level coordinator to let them know how you feel.

If you are unsure what are option visit the get support page for more information