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When we’re feeling stressed out, it can be hard to stop negative thoughts from completely taking over our headspace. These thoughts can make us feel down, and it can feel like we have no control over them. They can make the hard stuff in life feel even tougher to get through. 

One easy way to deal with these thoughts is to talk about what you’re going through with someone you trust… Talking it out can help to take the weight off your shoulders and can help you to see what’s true and what’s not.  That way you can keep only what is helpful for moving forward.

 When you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts,  having the courage to start a chat sooner rather than later can be your best move.

Why talking helps

Everyone goes through hard times in life and for the majority of people, reaching out to talk to others during these times can be incredibly helpful. But why is this? 

  • Conversation makes us feel less alone. 
  • Conversation helps to explain our feelings and can help us to understand our situation better. 
  • Conversations are often where support starts. 
  • Conversation can show us the solutions that we hadn’t previously thought about. 
  • Conversation is about connection. We are stronger together, and when we allow the right people into our lives and ask for help, we are less likely to be stuck, anxious and overwhelmed by anything life may throw our way. 

Who should I talk to?

While it’s important to talk, it is just as important who you talk to, because advice from the wrong people can actually make a stressful situation even worse. So before you ask for help, make sure that person is someone you feel safe around and trust. It might be someone who has helped you before. Ask yourself the following questions before you seek help with anyone: 

  1. Is this person able to help me?  
  2. Do I trust him/her? 
  3. What will I gain from sharing with this person?
  4. Do I feel safe and comfortable with this person?

When you find the right person to talk to, it can change everything. They can help you see things differently, find a way forward, look at all your possible solutions, and help you feel less burdened. When you talk to the right person, you should start to feel better, and not worse, about your situation. 

Talking to someone new

If you can’t think of someone to talk to, check out these suggestions and try to think outside the box. Sometimes help can come from a bunch of different places! 

  • School guidance officer
  • Psychologist
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Your parent’s close friends
  • Aunt/Grandparent
  • School nurse
  • Doctor
  • Another member of staff at school who isn’t a teacher
  • An older sibling

Feeling unsure?

If speaking out loud feels too confronting, remember that a conversation doesn’t have to be spoken. You can begin a conversation by text or on messenger. So if that makes it easier to get the conversation started sooner, send a text or a message.

No-one has to go through stress alone and everyone deserves to talk to someone. So give yourself the opportunity to see how a positive conversation can change things for you. You never know until you try!