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During times of stress, it’s hard for most people to stop bad thoughts rushing around their heads – thoughts that can make them feel really anxious and make a difficult situation seem even worse.

Having a conversation about what’s going on can put a stop to ‘self-talk’ and take a huge weight off our shoulders by bringing feelings into the open. In fact, it can actually turn off pressure and negative thoughts.

That’s why, when things don’t feel right, starting a conversation sooner rather than later can be your best move.

Why talking helps

Especially in tough times, conversations can be helpful because they:

  • make us feel less alone
  • show us our feelings are real
  • support us to start dealing with things
  • open our mind to possible solutions

“Sharing makes us feel better because it provides stress relief and opens our mind to possible solutions”.

Who should I talk to?

To ask an adult for help, make sure it’s a person who has your best interests at heart, and that you feel safe when you are with them. It might be someone who has helped you before. As well as a parent, carer, or someone else in the family, it could be:

  • a friend’s parent or carer
  • a neighbour
  • a teacher or sports coach

Someone you trust will see things differently, can give you new ideas about how to cope, and help change a very worrying situation.

Talking to someone else

Then try talking to someone outside your direct situation – someone who doesn’t know anything about your situation may have a helpful new perspective.

If you need help with this, talking to the school guidance officer first can help work out who that trusted person could be.

You could also talk to or a member of staff at school who isn’t a teacher, the school nurse or a doctor.

Feeling unsure?

A conversation doesn’t have to be a verbal chat – you can have a conversation by text or on messenger. So if that makes it easier to get the conversation started sooner, send a text or a Snapchat message.

No-one has to go through stress alone; everyone deserves to talk to someone. So give yourself the opportunity to see how a positive conversation can change things for you.


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