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When you have the answers, it can be easy to be the loudest person in the room, but you have to be clever about how you use power. This site has the answers you need to make school the experience you want it to be, to choose the pathway you want, know your worth and your rights, seize opportunities and create your future.

Keep an eye on the big picture

Every day we face problems. Remembering what you want in the end can help you find the steps to get through the now, and stay on track for that dream. Try and stay cool. Keeping calm and being respectful will give you a better shot at being heard, and having that person genuinely want to help you. Blowing up at someone will most likely have the opposite effect.

You might be right, but tearing someone down, humiliating them or giving sass isn’t going to help you make that point and find a resolution. Remember what you want. Make sure your steps are getting you there, not burning bridges. That’s what matters.

Know your rights

As a student you have rights. Of course you do, and the school system is there to make sure that these are upheld, while delivering an education to help you succeed in life. If that doesn’t sound right, or if school isn’t working out for you for any reason, you can talk to the school and find a way to fix it.

All young people in Queensland have the right to a quality education. That means you. This right means you have the same opportunity as every other young Queenslander to gain the knowledge and skills you need to chase your dreams.

Talk to someone

If you’re not feeling like your education is working out for you right now, talk to someone to get the school support you need. Talk to someone at your school, a parent, sibling or friend. Ask for advice and make sure you have at least one trusted person to talk to and get support from. It’s OK to vent. It’s OK to ask for help and it’s definitely OK to take help when it’s offered.